Our Visionaries

  • Architect Ramesh Swain
  • Managing Director Acrux
Heading the ship of Acrux is the Captain, Architect Ramesh Swain, spearheading the reshaping of Bhubaneswar skyline of tomorrow and has left a footprint which aesthetically puts his signature in each and every structure built.

Architect Ramesh Swain is one of the most admired names in the real estate industry today. His passion for real estate and designing, right from the eighties has pushed him into the world of construction. His firm belief that an architect can bring about a whole world of qualitative difference to this area of expertise is the key to enormous success of Acrux. His ideas lead Acrux to pursue higher goals and achieve greater heights.

Just as great journeys begin with a single step, Acrux became reality when Architect Ramesh Swain went to pursue his studies in 'Architecture' in Nagpur. His creative and innovative approach brought new dimensions to the construction business and in short span of time he constructed numerous buildings in the opulent areas of Odisha. These projects are the landmarks of these areas till date.

His passion for excellence has earned him great respect amongst his peers and customers alike. His flair for precision and brilliance is reflected deeply in the group's philosophy and projects.

  • Architect Rahul Swain
  • Director Acrux
A true reflection of his father's grit and determination. He has recently taken upon his young shoulders, the momentous responsibility of fulfilling his company's vision. His motto in life is to strive for excellence in all he does, he likes to set his own goals and challenge himself to achieve them.
Understanding the vital role education plays in shaping one's career, young Architect Rahul Swain gathered all knowledge and expertise to prepare himself completely for the role he envisioned for himself in the organization. He studied Architecture and pursued Post Graduate studies in Management. Such qualifications helped him gain tremendous knowledge of organizational behavior to understand better importance of humans as the key resource in the success of a company.

Within a short span of coming on board of Acrux, Rahul's business acumen started reshaping the contours of the organization. His personal interest in management aspects has led to enhanced brand image of Acrux. Rahul Swain with a strong will and deep rooted moral values firmly believes in excellence and is all set to take Acrux to newer horizons under the astute guidance of his father.